texture and most importantly what accessories you have to style your clothing with

The Fall 09 collections are wrapping up right now. you can have your very own front row seat on Style.com or Vogue.co.uk. At first, pick the collections that you have heard of and zero in on one that is your absolute favorite. Pick a designer that’s point of view is similar to your life. Look at the color palette and the textures and most importantly how the collection has been styled. (i.e.-accessories. Jewelry, boots, shoes, pantyhose, tights.)
Next go into your wardrobe and see what you have that’s similar in color palette, texture and most importantly what accessories you have to style your clothing with.
Make a list of what you had nothing similar too. Coats, skinny pants, patterned and textured tops. Fashion is a season ahead. Completing this exercise will allow you to begin thinking ahead. Looking for the pieces that you will need to fill in by the time Fall rolls around.
Spring is the season that we are going into. Pick up this month’s Bazaar, Lucky or Elle. The March issue is the second most important issue to the September issue for what will be trending. Get in the habit of just scanning, forget reading just let the clothing that attracts you attract you and let the rest of it go. Then return to steps 2 and 3.
If you don’t want to look at the collections, read a magazine. Watch the award shows and the street stories on the celebs day to day life. These will also cue you into what’s happening (i.e. People.com, E-online or Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood).
Expand your mind. Begin looking at fashion on the street, in your group of friends, who do you connect with style wise? Mirror it for yourself.
You send powerful signals with your wardrobe and if these signals are connected in an interesting and creative way it speaks volumes before you even have to.

Thank you for all the great pictures last week. I had a great time connecting with you and helping you say GOOD BYE to your shelppy selves and HELLO to your fabulous self.